Punjabi Culture:

Provide Financial Assistance to Punjabi Cultural Organizations: Gujri Foundation will provide financial assistance and support organizations that organize Punjabi cultural functions and events across the country.

There is a large population of Punjabi families and individuals spread across the United States. The Punjabi people are originally from the Indian subcontinent, primarily from the state of Punjab in India and also from Pakistan. The Punjabi community in the country does not have many opportunities to learn their language, learn about their culture or participate in Sikh religious functions. The youth of the community are loosing touch with their culture, language, religion and traditional family values. In this scenario every single opportunity presented to the Punjabi community in general, and specifically to its youth, to learn and appreciate their culture becomes significant.

With an objective of providing the Punjabi community opportunities to come together and strengthen personal bonds, Punjabi cultural functions and events are planned and hosted by different organizations. One of the primary objectives of these events is to provide the youth of the community opportunities to learn, appreciate and imbibe their culture. The events organized by these organizations include traditional community festivals like Vaisakhi, concerts featuring Punjabi music and dance such as Bhangra, traditional sports such as Kabaddi tournaments, religious functions such as birthdays of the Sikh Gurus, etc.

Most of these organizations are organized exclusively to promote Punjabi culture and many are also registered/incorporated. A significant number of these groups are operated through financial support provided by the Punjabi community.

Gujri Foundation identifies and supports organizations that primarily work to promote Punjabi culture among the youth. This activity is fully funded by the charitable donations received by the organization.

All organizations desirous of receiving such assistance are required to submit a written request for funding. All requests must clearly demonstrate the value of the program for the community in terms of measurable outcomes. This is to be submitted as an essay that describes the event’s objectives, plan of action and need for resources. This essay is to be submitted as part of a docket, which includes comprehensive information about the organization, historical documentation regarding the event, dates of the event, proposed budget, specific fund request, promotion plan and details regarding the venue. All applications are also required to provide documented evidence that the vendors identified by the organization have been selected thorough processes that systemically preclude any conflicts of interest. All applications are thoroughly scrutinized by the Gujri Foundation to check whether they qualify for assistance, and therefore can be forwarded to the final deciding authority.

All directors and officers of the organization have vast experience in conducting programs that promote Punjabi culture in the USA. Decisions regarding financial assistance provided by the organization are taken by the governing board or empowered committees appointed by the board, during meetings scheduled as per the organization’s bylaws. Two of the key criteria used by the organization to evaluate the applications will be, the impact of the program upon the community, and involvement of youth – as organizers, volunteers, participants and viewers.  The organization will maintain minutes of all such meetings. Further, the organization will maintain comprehensive records of all disbursements. Such records will include bank statements, receipts, complete details of the beneficiary organization, etc.

In almost all cases the organization will pay the vendors directly for the services provided by them towards an event or program. Such payments will only be released against valid invoices and other necessary documentation. After the event or the program, all beneficiaries need to submit documentary evidence of the program such as photographs, audio/video media, etc. They also need to submit a report about the goals accomplished and indicate shortfalls, if any. The organization will maintain all such reports and accompanying documentation as part of its official records.

As part of the measures to ensure that all funds provided by it are being used for the intended purposes, the organization will also seek reports form independent experts appointed by it. The organization will appoint experts to participate in the events and programs and submit their independent reports regarding the stated goals and results achieved.

The program will suspend its assistance to an organization, if it receives evidence that the beneficiary organization has deliberately provided wrong information or misused the funds.

Gujri Foundation will seek opportunities to promote its objectives among those who attended such programs. When appropriate Gujri Foundation will also seek opportunities to raise funds towards its cause during such programs.

This activity will be fully funded by the charitable donations received by the organization. The directors and officers of the organization involved in this activity do not receive compensation in any form, for the services rendered.