Langar Sewa:

Charitable Distribution of Food to the Destitute: Every year in January, Gujri Foundation organizes a food distribution booth during the annual birthday celebrations of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, in New Delhi, India. Every year as part of the celebrations the local Sikh temples organize a grand procession that has been traditionally attended by thousands of people.

Traditionally this festival has attracted a large number of destitute and poor people, who throng the streets surrounding the temple seeking alms. It is an established practice of the Sikh religion to distribute alms to those less fortunate.

Since 1995 the organization has set up a food distribution booth, along the path taken by the procession. The booth is managed by the volunteers of the organization who hand out food to those who pass by the booth. For many who receive the food from the booth, it would be one of the rare occasions when they eat a complete and satisfying meal. When funds are available the booth also distributes other basic necessities like blankets, clothing and non perishable food items.

This activity is fully funded by the charitable distributions received by the organization. The food items are procured locally in India with the help of the funds. The volunteers, officers and directors of the organization involved in this activity do not receive compensation in any form, for the services rendered.

In addition to distributing food in New Delhi, the Foundation has expanded its services to the few villages in Punjab. Currently we serve in the following villages:

  • Village Bohara
  • Village Mir Pur Lakha
  • Village Blaki Pu