Gujri Foundation

End of an era

After 18 years of being a part of the Moore Foundation technology team, Sukie Uppal has decided to say goodbye and move on to other things that are closer to his home in Vacaville, CA.

As Sukie’s manager for all these years, I can still remember the first time he came in to interview.  His kind demeanor, sense of humor, and willingness to contribute to the organization was evident from the very beginning.  He seemed to embody the foundation’s attributes and core values before we had them.  I can’t recall a time being here at the foundation when Sukie was not here.  It will be difficult to say goodbye to a trusted colleague who has become a true friend to many of us.

While Sukie is best known to you as someone who is there helping you resolve your computer issues, you may not know all that he has contributed to the organization behind the scenes as well.  Sukie is a man of many talents that he’s lent to the foundation over the years.  His sound recording engineering skills have been instrumental in shaping our audio/visual strategy, his electrical engineering skills have been key in managing power resources to our data centers and UPS power backup systems, his logistical organization skills have assisted in our many laptop deployments and  office move, all while providing service with a smile for almost two decades, not to mention his penchant for cream puffs.  Sukie is also very involved in his Vacaville community, his Gujri Foundation, his Punjabi language school, and his numerous other philanthropic endeavors both locally and in India.

While the foundation may save some money on fancy desserts, I’m sure you’ll agree the foundation won’t be the same without Sukie.  That said, I know you’ll join me in wishing Sukie the best in whatever he does next.  Sukie will be with us until January 2, 2020. 

The Gujri Foundation

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We are a non-profit organization established to promote Punjabi culture. It is our commitment to facilitate and support Punjabi culture through education, the arts and community service.

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